The Promise of God

What is Heaven

In God’s Holy Books He states that the only reason He created mankind is to see who is best in good conduct so He will know to whom to give His best rewards to in Heaven or His worse punishment to in hell in the next life. It is not enough to just believe in God you must also believe in the promise of God that those who believe in Him alone, the last day and work righteousness will be blessed in the next life to live forever in a beautiful paradise we know as Heaven. The only reason why someone would obey God’s commands in this life is because this person wants to be of those who will be blessed in the next life to live forever in the happiness of Heaven not with those who will live forever in the torment of hell. We are told in God’s Holy Books that it was Abraham who delivered this message and promise from God to the world. I believe God chose Abraham to be the one to deliver this message and to be the father of all religions to come because he set the best example for mankind on what someone must believe, say and do to be considered a righteous person by God to be of those who will be blessed to go to heaven.

However, I don’t believe that most people today really understand what it is that God is promising His righteous believers, or have the correct understanding of Heaven. I have seen many movies, heard many stories and read many books but I have not seen, heard or read one beautiful story told about Heaven. All that I have seen are pictures of white clouds and people walking around in all white wearing bird’s wings on their backs but this is not the Heaven that I understand is promised to the righteous believers by God. I have no doubt that God is promising His righteous people that they will be blessed to live forever in a real physical place like earth that will be a paradise where we will live forever and never die again. Yes, a physical place where we will have physical bodies, a place that will have beautiful gardens and where rivers will flow beneath our feet. A place where the righteous will live in palaces, where they will have everything that they want, where everything will be made easy and enjoyable for them. A place where the righteous will have mates, families and friends where happiness will be everywhere and with everyone forever. I believe it is very important that a person have the correct perspective of the Heaven that is promised by God if this person is going to strive to do good deeds and obey God’s commands in this life to please God to go there. If a person does not have the correct perspective of Heaven, why should this person want to go there? I don’t believe that anybody is looking forward to going to a heaven where everyone is walking around as spirits with no physical bodies living in white clouds where they may or may not get their wings one day.

To have a scale in which to judge who is best in good conduct God gave us in this life the freedom of choice whether to obey Him or disobey Him. No one can make anyone else do what is right, you must make that decision for yourself and the next person must make that decision for himself or herself. God designed this life to give everyone the opportunity to make his or her own choice whether to believe in Him and be of those who are grateful or not to believe in God and be of those who are ungrateful. If a person is forced to or was made to do good deeds by God this person won’t be able to understand or see the value in doing good. Giving us the ability to make that choice for ourselves means that this is what we wanted to do not what we were forced to do, and I believe this will also give us the ability to be able to appreciate what has been given to us by God. God gave us the freedom of choice because He wants to know who is best in good conduct so He will know to whom to give His best rewards to so this must also mean that there will be different levels of Heaven according to our good deeds and different levels of hell according to our bad deeds.

Those who don’t believe in God or life after death will perhaps ask the question if God can give us a life that will last forever in the next life after we die why didn’t He give it to us in this life? Think about it, if God blessed us to live forever in this life before the free choice is made by all of us to either obey Him or not then look at how long the righteous people would end up living with those who made the choice to disobey God and became evil. Living forever with those who are evil would not be a good life, it would eventually just be a hell like life is becoming today on earth. The true believer in God has no problem believing that God can raise the dead and will give them a new life that will last forever because He didn’t have a problem giving us this first life.

This life may sometimes seem unfair to many but The Day of Judgment will be an event based entirely on justice, and everyone will receive just what he or she has earned. However, those who will be blessed to go to Heaven will receive much more than they have earned for God promises to bless them according to the best of their good deeds and to overlook even the worst of their bad deeds. No matter what you have done wrong in your life for which you may think that God will not forgive you; if you would turn to God the Creator in true repentance by obeying His laws and by striving to do righteous deeds God promises to forgive you of everything in your past and bless you to be of those who will live in everlasting happiness in Heaven.

Many people the United States today believe that we hold our destiny in our own hands but we do not because our existence is still in God’s hands. If we used what God has given us to strive to please Him and do good deeds for ourselves and others I believe God will continue to bless us with happiness and prosperity. I believe that He will allow us to continue to enjoy his blessing for an appointed time here on this earth and we will also find that his promises of Heaven in the next life to be true.

However, if God becomes displeased with us because we have chosen to follow Satan our avid enemy into every kind of selfish, vain, and shameful acts imaginable I fear that we will be called to account in this lifetime. I fear this because we are enjoying so much above anyone else in history and the rest of the world today. However, I believe that we the righteous people who are willing to obey God today can rise up and meet this challenge and maybe even end up pleasing God more than any other people in the history of humanity. Why not believe in the best of humanity? I run into so many people who choose to believe the worst in others and it seems to bring out the worse in them. God tells us in His holy books to strive as in a race to all that is good so I am inviting all righteous people of the world to join me in this race and compete with each other to see who can do the most good for ourselves and for others. 

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How is Everything?

How is everything?” This is what most people say to each other as a greeting today. From all walks of life, they seem to be asking the same thing, it comes to me as a greeting this question; how is everything?

How is everything? Don’t start me to lying how can I know everything? Is this one of those Day of Judgment questions, if I get the answer wrong will I find myself down in hell and not up there in Heaven?

Why do most people greet me with this same question, how is everything? There can only be one true answer to this question, how is everything? It is only God the Creator who knows everything, it is only God the Creator who has power over everything, and it is only God the Creator who can see everything.

How is everything? Let me give you the correct answer to this question. God created us from nothing and it is He Who has given us everything. From the bottom of the oceans to far out in outer space we are traveling only by His grace, you had better realize this for your own sake.

How is everything? Let me give you the correct answer to this question, and also its meaning. It is God from our beginning to our end, and it will be Him to give us life again in a beautiful place called Heaven, if we could just realize that God is the only answer to this question, how is everything?